A little about me...

Hello there, my name is Mai ('pronounced as My').
I am a software engineer dedicated to understanding and helping people. With an extensive professional background in mental health, I am experienced in building lasting relationships as well as bridging the gap between clients' needs and company's visions.

I have a curious mindset; I enjoy learning new programming languages and tech stacks the way I relish in discovering hidden trails and diverse restaurants. When I am not coding, I love spending my time being active outdoors and meeting new people.

Technologies I have experience with...

Projects I've built...

During my time at Flatiron School, I have built various projects utilizing Ruby on Rails backend and JS/React.js frontend. Below are two examples of the types of projects I have built:

al 'freskō

An app that connects users with local restaurants offering outdoor dining options in the New York City area. With accurate information, photos and reviews of local businesses, al 'freskō allows users to discover restaurants that adhere to Covid-19 safety precautions and dining atmosphere.

Server | Demo


Stress less, sleep better, get happy. Breathe is your guide to living mindfully. Follow a guided meditation to manage anxiety and improve breathing techniques or fall asleep to the sound of your paradise. Whatever you choose, there is a soundtrack to help you focus and relax.

Server | Demo

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